Denis Freitas, Illustrator and graphic designer from Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has been providing his services as an illustrator to several areas inside the publishing  and editorial companies since 2007.

His approach through digital art targets abstracting his studies in several grounds, such as typography, street art, technology and art history. His solid base is his continuous research and study process, which he considers as a main tool to develop his own artwork.'

Also, he is part of the street art duo called B47SA, a project created in 2005, which is focused on wall-painted, murals, canvas and sculptures.


The Washington Post, Wired, MasterClass, PMI, Netflix, Nike, Asics, UOL, Abril, FTD, Moderna, Nova Escola, KYB, Envisioning, Editora SM, Condé Nast entre outros