NIKE ● Brasileiragem

On March 25, 2018 was launched by Nike the new shirt of the Brazilian soccer team for the Russian World Cup, the launch happened through an event called Brasileiragem, which focuses on showing the cultural relationship between brazilians and soccer, as part of actions promoted by Nike, I was invited by the creative team along with three other illustrators – Camixvx, Pomb e Rafa Sanches to each produce a special package of the shirts sold in the first 72 hours after launch on the website of Nike Brasil also sent to influencers. Each package accompanies a tag talking about the approach of each artist:

"In his art, Denis connects a soccer match to the everyday life of the Brazilian people, and shows that Brasileiragem goes well beyond the four lines. Just like in the field, we have the gingado in life to receive, dribble and score every day. What we are and what we inspire is part of our DNA. It's in the crowd's scream, the flags on the windows and street football. You are in the daring of turning the game, in the freedom to create your own rules.
Now is to wear the shirt."

August 2018