The Age of Centaurs

On September 14th, 2018, the IKEA Democratic Design Days Lugano event took place in Switzerland, bringing together designers, change-makers, and media to explore the future of living spaces and product design. Over the years, Democratic Design Days have featured visionary speakers, and I had the opportunity to illustrate a portion of the content presented by Michell Zappa, a renowned Futuristic Technology and Information Designer, and founder of Envisioning, a technology forecasting institute. Michell's presentation titled "The Age of Centaurs" delved into how technology can enhance human capabilities, discussing the evolution of the relationship between man and machine, from man vs. machine to man + machine. The presentation showcased compelling cases where human thought and artificial intelligence have worked together.

September 2018

Kasparov VS Deep Blue ● 1997 - NYC

Kasparov VS Topalov ● 1990 - Leon Spain

Centaur Chess ● 2005

Human Skills ● Machine Qualities

Google Deep Mind 8 ● 15 March 2016

IBM Watson ● Jeopardy 2011

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