VIVO ● Security

I was invited by the Superunion agency to work on a series of illustrations for Vivo's digital security sector, representing its five areas of operation: Red Team, Blue Team, Access Guardians, Business Guardians, and Strategy Guardians. The project began with the creation of a character that represented each of these areas, along with an exclusive crest for each one.

After the approval of these initial stages, five illustrations were developed, each with a closer connection to one of the digital security sector's areas. I used Vivo's color palette for the illustrations and created new poses for the main character.

To reinforce the visual narrative, I created a series of screens around the character that indicate that he is in control of the situation. The screens feature various layouts and were illustrated with extensive typographic research to make the illustration environment more futuristic.

The main objective of this series of illustrations is to visually represent the areas of operation of Vivo's digital security sector while creating a futuristic and technological atmosphere that highlights the importance of protecting data and information in an increasingly connected world.

May 2023

Screens layouts

Crests of the areas

Character design